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L.R.W., L.A.S., (my other name)

6th Grade 

          People believe that North Americans domesticated dogs in 6500 B.C.E. because Scientists found three dogs buried near humans. 
          North Americans live all over the United States, and a few groups of people live in Canada and Alaska. Mexico was thriving because there was good farmland. The people in Mexico were the first to have large civilizations. The Native Americans around 3000 B.C.E. are very different. The Olmecs do human sacrifice and they believe everyone has an animal spirit. The Clovis people are hunters, and they have specifically shaped spears.
          In Tehuacan Valley, people grew corn, and then at around 3000 B.C.E., they invented popcorn. They also domesticated turkeys and killed them to eat. Mexicans also hunted jack-rabbits, deer, squash, beans, chili peppers, amaranth, avocado, gourds, white and sweet potatoes.  
          The Olmecs also ate corn and beans, but they ate cacao, sunflower seeds, fish, turtles, snakes, mollusks, and shellfish.

          The Olmecs thought highly of jaguars, and they also had many gods. The God of Fire, the God of Corn, the God of Rain, and the God in the form of a serpent spirit.  
          The people of southwest North America had twelve different types of corn. When they harvested their corn, they did it very ceremonially, with dancing and a priest. Then they would go back to their longhouses.
          When the Europeans came to North America, the Native American's religions and cultures were crushed because the Europeans forced the to go to Christian schools and make them part of their religion. The Europeans took over the land so that the Native Americans could only live in certain places, treaties. Sometimes the Native Americans would refuse and they would get killed. The Native Americans could only live in parts of the United States, and they were crushed. Some Native Americans fled to Canada, and found safe refuge there, but many did not make it and were killed on the way.  
          The Clovis people of Blackwater Draw had a distinct spear shape. They made their spears out of chert, jasper, agate, and chalcedony. The reason the Clovis people were good at making spears was because there were a lot of large animals in their area. They had to train to make these spears as good as they are, and to make them hit their target. The Clovis people of Blackwater Draw lived near a lake and that is why there were a lot of animals there. The Clovis people hunted mammoths, but after the Ice Age that ended around 8000 B.C.E., they hunted Bison (buffalo).
          The first evidence of the bow and arrow in North America was in 3000 B.C.E., but it was most widespread at around 60 A.D. Some of the first people to have bow and arrows in North America were the north Candians and Alaskan people, because bow and arrows were theorized to be invented in the Arctic.
          People sometimes lived in houses made out of brush. But sometimes people in Mexico lived in Pueblos. Pueblos are multi-story buildings made out of mud. They have ladders on them so that the people go up on the roof and down a little hatch to get in their house.
          The Shellfish people, also beleived to be the Mi'kmaq people lived on Prince Edward island, which, at 8,000 B.C.E., was connected to North America by a land-bridge because of the Ice Age. The reason there are land bridges in the Ice Age is because the water freezes, making it very hard and thick. Then the people can migrate on these bridges to islands. This is how people found Australia and places like that.
          The people of Tehuacan Valley domesticated dogs, turkeys, and llamas. They used turkeys for food. In the U.S., people had dogs, llamas, turkeys, sheep, and goats. They used them for farming.
          The people of Ohio hunted Mammoth and Mastadon during the Ice Age. They also hunted deer and they fished. They also gathered berries. There houses, or tents were animal hides or tree bark draped over wooden poles. Hunting and Gathering tribes usually didn't have chiefs. The elders would've been highly valued for their experience and how much they know. The men and women were welcome to leave the tribe whenever they felt like it and fend for themselves.
          People started living in Shenandoah Valley at around 9500 B.C.E., when the Earth was still covered in ice because of the Ice Age. The people were from Siberia, and Asia. In 3000 B.C.E., the people started making tools and bowls. They made tents and camps, and at around 1000 B.C.E, the camps stopped moving around due to seasons changing.
          Spear shapes, worshipping jaguars, and what kind of food you eat, these are all different things. North Americans are interesting because had had not developed, and there were only a few small tribes all over the place, except in Mexico where there were large cities and huge amounts of people. People ate the same foods like corn and buffalo, but their religions were very different. The Olmecs did human sacrifice and the people of North America did dances for bison, or buffalo.